Every human is unique, a colourful being who soaks in the tints of ideas they are inspired with, and absorbs shades from the influences that surround them. This makes us who we are in this diverse, colourful spectrum called life.
The concept of humans liking humans for who they are is something that need not be preached if we cultivate a root understanding - that we are all uniquely shaded. Feast on the cuisine we relish, listen to the genres of music we enjoy, watch the cinema we resonate with, wear colours we shine in, and love the humans we feel connected with.
Two passionate individuals who have their own distinct purposes, dreams and hopes fall in love with each other - they live together in a rented apartment of a metro city or a small town. They wake up together, cook meals together, quarrel sometimes on household matters, discuss their work lives, and snuggle away to sleep in their lover’s warmth.
In all this, gender just doesn’t matter! It’s the relationship between two lovers that they celebrate every single day - within the concrete walls or out in the open fields, holding hands or caressing feet - that counts. We are fortunate to be living in this awakened world where we have left far behind, archaic ‘notions and ideas of loving someone’. We all have the ‘human right’ to express that LOVE beyond dogmatic societal constructs.
Guyal as a personalised jewellery brand calls out to lovers of all kinds to show their affection through these customisable pieces of gems and stones.
If your partner is fond of accessorising themselves from head to toe by wearing multiple rings and necklaces, earrings or bands, you have plenty of choices to custom-create it for them, with love.
Maybe engrave a ring with their name along with a stone they vibe with, as a thoughtful birthday gift - a little something that adds extra charm to their already loveable personality. Or you can slide an ‘infinity symbol ring’ in their hand on Valentine's Day, a sign of LOVE CONQUERED.
The idea is to be ruminative in our ways of expressing. Guyal assures you that your interpretation of love will be brought to life in the form of meaningful jewellery pieces.
Spread the shades of Love!